What's The Buying Technique For Restaurant Wall Tiles?

What’s The Buying Technique For Restaurant Wall Tiles?

For the restaurant, the best restaurant furniture, we also often use tiles to decorate the walls. Because the dining room is connected to the kitchen, sometimes the kitchen smoke will drift to the dining room, so the tile decorative walls are easy to clean, beautiful.
So how to stick the restaurant wall tiles? What are the restaurant wall tile shopping tips? Let’s get a little bit of a break to understand about the restaurant wall tile how to paste and restaurant wall tile shopping tips related content.

What's The Buying Technique For Restaurant Wall Tiles?

First, restaurant wall tiles how to paste

1, flat.
Before laying the wall tiles, the surface of the wall must be treated well, the surface stains need to be removed after the water to wet, and then use cement mortar to level.

2, pull the line.
The cable before laying the tile is also one of the essential processes, we need to be able to find the flat line in advance to do a good mark, so that the tile laid has been kept in the cable.

3, soak ediwater.
It is also an important process to soak the wall bricks, before laying the bricks, you need to soak all the wall tiles in the water, wait until it does not bubble before drying the water stains.

4, mixing.
If you choose to use glazed wall tiles, you need to put cement and sand, according to the ratio of 1:3 with water mixing evenly. 5, spread. When laying tiles, to sprinkle water on the tiles, be sure to all the walls soaked, and then the back of the wall tiles with cement, thickness generally control between 5mm-6mm.

5, stick the tile to the wall, use a hammer to gently hammer flat, and then use a horizontal ruler to measure whether it is flat enough.

What's The Buying Technique For Restaurant Wall Tiles?

Second, restaurant wall tile purchase tips

1, restaurant wall tile shopping tips, see the appearance. There are two things you need to pay attention to when you shop out the appearance of wall tiles. One is the quality of the tiles, the surface of the tiles should be flat, delicate, glazed finish. When buying, you can take the tile open about 1 meter, vertical observation, the surface is not obviously broken color, dislocation, cracks and other imperfections. On the other hand is the pattern pattern, in the pattern pattern selection, but also to consider two aspects, one is the pattern can not be too deep, too deep and easy to hide dirt. Whether the design of the second pattern matches the overall decoration, can play the icing on the cake. The choice of wall tiles should be reasonably matched with the style of restaurant furniture. This is good for the layout of the restaurant.
Tables and dining chairs are important for restaurant furniture and can be negotiated with Dining Chairs Manufacturers to purchase the best restaurant furniture.

2, restaurant wall tile shopping tips, try stitching. Wall tiles overall decoration effect, a single tile may not reflect the real stick effect.
We can stitch together a number of tiles, observe whether the texture is flat, there are no gaps, there is no color difference and so on.

3, restaurant wall tile shopping skills, weight. Tiles are made of clay and other materials, burned at high temperatures, and glazed after the product.
Generally, the same size, the heavier the weight, the density of the tile is high, the water absorption rate is low, is the tile is not easy to penetrate moisture, such tile quality is better, not easy to crack.

4, restaurant wall tile shopping skills, listen to the sound. When shopping for tiles, you can gently tap the tiles with your hands to distinguish the sound carefully. If the sound quality is crisp and pleasant, this means that the tile quality is better.
If the sound of the knock is thick and vague, it is likely to be due to the poor quality of raw materials, insufficient burning temperature, lack of time and so on.

5, Restaurant wall tile shopping tips, label inspection. Large brand production of tiles, product boxes should have product and furniture manufactures details, including brand, site, specifications, quantity, trademarks, production date, implementation standards, after-sales telephone, etc. , can be verified when purchased.

After reading the contents of the small editor’s introduction, about the restaurant wall tiles how to paste and restaurant wall tile shopping tips on the content of the introduction here, I hope that after reading this article, we can understand this.

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