What Should The Restaurant's Minimalist Design Do?

What Should The Restaurant’s Minimalist Design Do?

A good food environment will directly affect the individual appetite, then the family restaurant design mainly includes what aspects of the design? Usually, the overall color of the restaurant, table and chair selection, restaurant floor selection and other restaurant furniture are crucial.Let’s take a look at the information!

 What Should The Restaurant's Minimalist Design Do?

First. The simple design features of the restaurant

Using new materials, new technology is used to build indoor environment adapted to modern life, with simplicity as the main feature, pay attention to the use of indoor space function.

Indoor layout of the principle of functional differentiation to carry out, furniture layout and space closely working together, advocate waste redundant, cumbersome add-on decoration, in color and modeling to follow the fashion, you can choose the best restaurant furniture, but also need you to remember a little, simplicity is not equal to simple.

Second, the restaurant simple style design concept description

To satisfy the emotional, instinctive and rational demand of the space environment in a concise form, this is the modern minimalist style. Modern minimalist style emphasizes less is more, discards unnecessary decorative elements, pursues fashion and modern simplicity, pleasant colors. Compared with the traditional style, modern simplicity with the most straightforward decorative language reflects the atmosphere created by the space and furniture, thus giving space personality and tranquility. Simplicity is a way of life, “simplicity and genius are twin sisters.” “Choose simplicity is to choose an attitude towards life. Now the fast pace of urban life, work pressure, if you do not want to be tired of life, hope to relax at home completely, enjoy life, modern simplicity is a good choice.Simple home, simple life, mutual cause and effect.

 What Should The Restaurant's Minimalist Design Do?

Thrid. Restaurant Simple Design Case Study

1.Color matching of restaurant decoration design Restaurant general color matching is along with the living room, because the majority of the current architectural design, dining room and living room are connected, which is mainly from the perspective of spatial sense of consideration.For the structure of the restaurant single-set, the use of color, it is advisable to use a warm color system, because in color psychology, warm color is conducive to promoting appetite, which is why many restaurants use yellow, red system.

2.Style of restaurant decoration design

The style of the restaurant is determined by the cutlery. So in the pre-decoration, on the table and dining chair style set. The most conflicting are colors, ceiling shapes and wall decorations. Different styles can be restaurant atmosphere to choose different restaurant furniture, now Western restaurant furniture and very popular with everyone.

In general, their style corresponds to this:

1) The glass dining table corresponds to the modern style, the minimalist style.

2) Dark wood table corresponding to Chinese style, simple style.

3) Light wood table corresponding to natural style, Nordic style.

4) Metal carved table corresponding to the traditional European style (Western Europe).

5) The simplified metal table corresponds to the modern style, the minimalist style, the metallic style.

3.The choice of tableware for restaurant decoration and design The choice of cutlery needs to be careful with the size of the space. Small spacewith with a large dining table, or large space with a small dining table is not suitable. Buyers have a hard time getting things to the site for comparison because of the actual problemof buying.Therefore, first measure the preferred table size, get a full-scale comparison on the spot, this will be more appropriate, to avoid the inconvenience caused by too small.

4.The choice of table cloth for restaurant decoration and design

Table cloth should be mainly cloth, there are a variety of options on the market.

If you use a plastic tablecloth, when placing hot material, place the necessary thick mats, especially the glass table, which may cause unnecessary thermal cracking.

5.The dining table and table and chair of the restaurant decoration design match

Tables and chairs are generally matching, but you are separate, you need to pay attention to maintain a certain ergonomic distance (too high or too low will affect the normal eating posture, causing stomach discomfort or digestion. Custom restaurant furniture can also be customized to achieve a reasonable match ingres with tables and dining chairs.

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