Tips For Buying Tea Plates In Restaurant Furniture

Tips For Buying Tea Plates In Restaurant Furniture

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the quality of restaurant furniture has also been paid attention to, so the purchase of the best restaurant furniture has become an important step in the teahouse.

In the teahouse, tea plate is one of the most commonly used restaurant furniture for everyday tea making, so it is important to choose a suitable tea plate.Do you want to know how to buy a tea plate?

At present, the market tea plate from the material to divide, roughly divided into bamboo, wood, stone, purple sand, ceramics, electric wood, other categories.

Tips For Buying Tea Plates In Restaurant Furniture

Tips for buying stone tea plates

Stone common lying, purple robe jade, other materials, stone material is the first push of a class of tea plate. One is durable, will not crack, not easy to break. Second, it has the value of collection preservation.Third, it has the value of conservation and viewing, stone tea plate after a long time of use will be more and more smooth. But stone tea plate is relatively expensive, of course, is not particularly expensive, such as slugs, the current ordinary tea plate is also more than a thousand dollars, very good.

Tips for buying electric wood tea plates

“Electric wood” is the term of this material in Taiwan. It is known as phenolic cotton plate. It is made up of a phenolic resin soaked in cotton cloth to heat the melted phenolic resin after drying. Electric wood tea plate according to the raw material grade, its price difference is also particularly large, on the whole, the price is too expensive, especially in Taiwan, the mainland region is relatively cheap. Electric wood tea plate is durable, beautiful and generous is its important feature.It is highly recommended if conditions permit.

Tips For Buying Tea Plates In Restaurant Furniture

Tips for buying ceramic tea plates

Ceramic tea plate is a relatively elegant class, ceramics can hand-paint edit a variety of patterns, and simple, especially the current popular dry foam method, combined with ceramic tea plate is a very good choice. The choice of ceramic tea plate, you need to have a separate space of the tea room users, on the one hand, easy to highlight the theme in line with the environmental atmosphere, on the other hand, ceramic fragile, independent tea space can prevent the tea plate accidentally damaged.

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