The Best Restaurant Furniture - Wine Cabinet Knowledge Introduction!

The Best Restaurant Furniture – Wine Cabinet Knowledge Introduction!

Wine ark serves as restaurant furniture to dining-room, not only serve as wine only store use, and still can put adorn article above, use as hotel adornment, the restaurant furniture with best choose and buy can promote the simple sense of whole hotel. However, due to the different layout of the hotel, this can be custom restaurant furniture, so what kind of decoration to put in the wine cabinet? What does the putting method of wine ark have?

The Best Restaurant Furniture - Wine Cabinet Knowledge Introduction!

I.What decorations do you put in the wine cabinet

Wine cabinets are mostly tall and long, from feng shui, this is the symbol of the mountain; Short and flat table is the symbol of water, so in the restaurant there is “mountain” have “water”, with appropriate, have “house luck” symbolic significance. Place appropriate adornment on wine ark so, can have very good adornment effect not only, and still have function function. So what’s in the wine cabinet?

1.Wood carving crafts
Woodcarving handicraft has a long history in China, and there are a variety of materials, styles, and can choose according to their own five elements suitable for their own and the family of wood feng shui display. Put in the home to have simple sense not only, and still can improve the geomantic in the home. The simple sense of woodcarving is more mellow guileless, and after going through elaborate carving, wonderful workmanship, compare refined gold and jade, the feeling that woodcarving handicraft gives a person can more inside collect, low-key, and have connotation, it is the adornment choice with very good wine ark. Commonly this kind of woodcarving handicraft is put in Chinese style dining-room is more common, it can serve chinese restaurant furniture.

2.Wheat straw crafts
Wheat straw handicraft is also one of the traditional Chinese handicrafts. After being smoked, steamed, boiled, blanched and sliced, the wheat straw is elaborately prepared by traditional craftsmen. It has bright colors, various varieties and very high artistic value.

3.Ice crystal painting
Ice crystal painting is a piece of ordinary glass processed by the core technology, which is of great decorative and ornamental value. Modern advanced glass image synthesis patent technology, the use of physical imaging principle supplemented by chemical generation technology, instantly realize the perfect combination of image and glass, density plate and other materials, and ice crystal painting also has the meaning of wealth.

The Best Restaurant Furniture - Wine Cabinet Knowledge Introduction!

II.How to put wine cabinet ornaments

1.How to put the wine cabinet
Because the dimension of wine ark can compare commonly big, from geomantic put the word of Angle of view, wine ark should be put in auspicious. But if the owner of the fate of the four lives belong to the east, then the wine cabinet is suitable for the restaurant is placed in the east, south, west, north these four relatively positive direction; If house advocate life trigram belongs to west 4 lives, so wine ark suits to put in dining-room is west, southwest, northwest and northeast these 4 azimuth.

2.How to put wine cabinet ornaments

(1) in the wine cabinet will generally place all kinds of wine and wine, so from the perspective of feng shui, these are belong to the relatively heavy water and gas items, so when the wine cabinet is put, must avoid to put together with the fish tank. That is to say the vapor of wine ark itself is bigger, should avoid to place bath crock to serve as adornment above so.
(2) the decoration lens in the wine cabinet should not be too large, and it needs to be paid attention to, when placed, it should not be opposite to the sacred altar.

III. Wine cabinet ornaments put geomantic taboos

1.The backplate lens in the wine cabinet should not be too large.

A lot of wine ark can use glass to serve as the back board of wine ark, can let wine and be more bright so bright, can have very good show a sense. But if the use of lens in geomantic learn to have a lot of contraindication, for example in lens unfavorable with god ark is opposite etc., because lens can the incense of divine platform is reflected in the lens of wine ark, it is geomantic learn big taboo, so should pay attention to the use of backboard lens.

2, wine cabinet should not be placed fish tank as a decoration.

More wine in the wine cabinet, so its water vapor is more, and the fish tank more water, so the properties of the two close, put together will be superposed, resulting in more water and burst the dike flood risk. So wine ark unfavorable put fish tank to serve as adornment, if want to put really, can put plant of a long green between wine ark and fish tank, lie between two water with one wood, can eliminate drop too much moisture.

Above is to introduce the best restaurant furniture in the knowledge of wine cabinets, I hope to help you. Stay tuned for more restaurant furniture.