Introduction To Table Size And Material Type As Restaurant Furniture

Introduction To Table Size And Material Type As Restaurant Furniture

Table is very important restaurant furniture, with the existence of the table, we eat special convenience, people choose table materials at the same time, but also in the choice of table size, the right size can also be used with us. Let’s be comfortable at dinner. How to buy the best restaurant furniture?
So, what is the size of the table as restaurant furniture, and what kind of material sits the table is?

Introduction To Table Size And Material Type As Restaurant Furniture

First, the size of the table is generally how much

1, table size today, restaurants generally have rectangular space, round tables are not welcome, rectangular six-person table is very common, if the house is not big, in order to save land, you can choose to buy some retractable table, usually take up a small area, when you come to find friends, then very open PRA.

2. A rectangular table for six people. The size of the bench is generally 1200mm-1500mm, the table size is 800mm-900mm wide, and the table size is 750mm high. That is, 1200 x 800 or 1400 x 800 or 1500 x 900.
Table size is mainly 1400 800, does not take up too much space, more suitable for the actual use of six households.

3, whether it is 6 or 4 people table size, family table size choice on the one hand depends on the number of family members, on the other hand depends on the family restaurant space. Appropriate table sizes should be arranged in accordance with the appropriate space and the number should be increased appropriately according to the actual number of family members.Because there will be a family dinner.

Introduction To Table Size And Material Type As Restaurant Furniture

Second, what kind of material sittable

1, marble table, one of the biggest advantages is that it has a high facial value and very texture. But the marble table needs to be cleaned in time. If the oil stains are not cleaned for a long time, they will penetrate into the marble interior, causing the stone to change color.
This kind of furniture is the best restaurant furniture.

2, transparent glass table, in general, transparent glass table is composed of glass frame and solid wooden table legs. Transparent glass with a wood-colored border, natural fresh, comfortable, beautiful. However, glass surfaces are prone to wear, so care must be taken during daily use. If scratches occur, they can greatly affect aesthetics.There is currently no way to repair scratches, only replacement.

3, solid wooden table, wood itself has a very warm texture, the original wood table can reflect the taste of the master, all year round will not feel cold, so that the dining space has a fresh breath. Currently, ordinary solid wood tables will be painted or waxed once in the factory to protect the wood. However, in daily use, it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance. Do not place overheated food directly on the wooden table. It is easy to burn wood.This type of furniture in our need sit can be customized, we can custom restaurant furniture to make the layout of the restaurant more reasonable.This kind of solid wooden table is more common in Chinese restaurant, it is generally used as Chinese restaurant furniture.

Third, the main points of the choice of the table

1, under normal circumstances, the height of the human hand naturally drops about 60 cm, but when we eat, this distance is not enough, because we have to hold a bowl in one hand and a hand with chopsticks, so at least 75 cm need space. The table for an average family is 3 to 6.
In general, the length of the table should be at least 120 cm, the length should be about 150 cm.

2, choose a table without a watchtower, support solid wood table and legs. It can make the table stronger, but the disadvantage is that it affects the actual height of the table and takes up the room for movement of the table. So when buying materials, be sure to pay attention to the distance from the board to the ground, sit down and do it yourself.

If the board makes your legs unnatural, it is recommended that you not want to look at a table. Table selection is also the size needs to be based on the needs of our family to choose, so that we can use the satisfaction. Thank you for reading the small article.