Restaurant Furniture - Selection And Cleaning Introduction Of Ceramic Tea Sets

Restaurant Furniture – Selection And Cleaning Introduction Of Ceramic Tea Sets

Restaurant furniture demand is increasing, in our daily life, it is very common to go to the restaurant consumption, usually people choose some of the best restaurant furniture to spend, so that we can feel comfortable.

Cool summer, tea is a how to enjoy things, people will choose to tea house tea, the general people use ceramic tea sets, but in the choice, do not know what are the methods, and in the cleaning of tea sets are what methods, these are not very understanding, then ceramic tea sets how to choose correctly? How to clean ceramic tea sets?Next, the small editor takes you to see.

Restaurant Furniture - Selection And Cleaning Introduction Of Ceramic Tea Sets

I. How to choose the right ceramic tea set

1. Ceramic tea sets belong to tea house furniture, when choosing ceramic tea sets, teapot selection, as well as teapot selection, the standard of good or bad have four words, ‘small, shallow, Qi, old. ‘The teapot has two people, three cans, four cans, four cans, etc. , the most monchen, iron flower xuan, autumn, Yi, Xiaoshan, Yuan Xisheng and so on cherish. There are many kinds of flower pots, such as oranges, large oranges, melons, persimmons, diamonds, drums, plums. Usually there are drums with thick and thick ends. The color of the pot is also a variety of, Zhu sand, ancient iron chestnut color, purple mud, stone yellow, sky blue. But regardless of style, color, the most important thing is that “the pot should be small should not be big, should not be shallow.””Because it’s big, it doesn’t work.

2. When choosing ceramic tea sets, the choice of teacups and teacup selection also has four characteristics: small, light, thin, white. Small is a glimpse; shallow water does not leave the bottom; white jade is used to match the color of tea; and thin as paper makes it scent strong. Tears often use white flowers and blue flowers at the end of the mouth, while the cup of the book “If it is a deep treasure” in “If you sink a cup” is precious, but it is not easy to get.

3.When choosing ceramic tea sets, choose to wash tea, as well as the shape of large bowls, many shades, cooking kung fu tea must have three, one plus two, is a wash cup, De – used to soak the water of the can, used to hold the cup of water and soaked tea.

Restaurant Furniture - Selection And Cleaning Introduction Of Ceramic Tea Sets

II. How to clean ceramic tea sets

1. The best way to clean is: after each cup of tea, remember to pour the tea and rinse the tea with water. Be able to maintain this good habit for a long time, do not use cleaning tools, tea sets to maintain a bright luster. But many of my friends go to rest or do other things after drinking tea. The clean-up of the tea set was forgotten. Wait until the next afternoon tea time to clean the tea set.
After a long soak, many tea sets are brown and cannot be washed with water.

2. You can squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on the tea set, and then apply the toothpaste evenly to the surface of the tea set by hand or cotton swab.
After about one minute, wash the tea set with water so that the tea stains on the tea set can be easily washed.

3. Tea contains a lot of citric acid, tea base, caffeine and a small amount of volatile oil, multivitamins, chlorophyll and other ingredients. The right amount of tea can stimulate thirst, dehumidification and heat, refresh and brain, which is good for people’s health. But there are taboos. Drinking only tea is a good habit for health care. The so-called appropriate means that tea is moderately light and is usually suitable for making a cup of tea with 3 grams of tea. If tea is too strong, it will affect the absorption of iron and other inorganic salts in food, causing anemia. Second, it controls the amount of tea used. It’s best to drink less than 4 glasses a day. Excessive tea consumption increases the burden on the kidneys.Within 1 hour of eating, it affects the body’s absorption of protein.

Ceramic tea set this kind of restaurant furniture, do not know how to choose the right choice, and in cleaning when there are some methods, the above article is about how to choose ceramic tea sets and how to clean ceramic tea sets.

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