Restaurant Furniture - How To Choose And Place Tables And Chairs In Western Restaurant

Restaurant Furniture – How To Choose And Place Tables And Chairs In Western Restaurant

People often say that life should have a sense of ritual, can see a ceremony is also very important, in the ceremony, people will also choose to go to the Western restaurant, this belongs to the high-end place. Choose the best restaurant furniture to spend, because people go to the time is also very environmentally conscious, for the customer’s comfortable high-end feelings, but also the choice of restaurant furniture.

Many restaurants to meet the customer’s sense of experience, will choose custom restaurant furniture, then, the West restaurant table and chairs how to choose? Next, the following decoration home of the small editor to introduce to everyone.

Restaurant Furniture - How To Choose And Place Tables And Chairs In Western Restaurant

I. How to choose the tables and chairs in the western restaurant

1. Light luxury of the Western restaurant table and chair aesthetics: light luxury western restaurant table and chair is different from the general high-end Western restaurant table and chairs. It doesn’t need luxury, but it comes in real color and has a sense of prosperity and intension. The light-dining table and chairs don’t require a gorgeous coat, but that’s not to say it’s simple.
On the contrary, in the introduction of luxury simplicity, in addition to exquisite design, the essence is also pure! It is like a beautiful person, not powdered, even if it is simple, easy to cover up.

2.In today’s society, this kind of beauty is more popular with people. Compared with the light-luxury Western restaurant tables and chairs, those European furniture is like beautiful make-up, but lost its essence.
Light luxury-class Western restaurant tables and chairs practical: what is light and luxury is not only the appearance, but also the connotation! Light luxury Western restaurant tables and chairs not only look beautiful, but also more practical and comfortable than ordinary Western restaurant tables and chairs.

3. Table: The materials used to make the table in the light luxury Western restaurant require a delicate texture, and the wear resistance of the table, heat resistance and corrosion resistance are higher than the ordinary table. Dining chair: In addition to the shape, the western dining chair of the light luxury package is more comfortable.The average light-colored Western dining chair is ergonomically designed.

Restaurant Furniture - How To Choose And Place Tables And Chairs In Western Restaurant

II.How to place the tables and chairs in the Western restaurant

1. Tables and chairs in the western restaurant need to be designed to place. The design should take into account the location of the Western restaurant, also consider the size of the space of the western restaurant furniture and the level of the consumer. We can provide a physical rendering of the business, first look at the effects, and then decide whether to customize them. It is important to have tables and chairs in the Western dining room, and large furniture should not be kept in a small space.
Pay attention to the decoration of the Western restaurant, avoid the glare of the floor and the luster of the furniture, avoid the use of 3D geometric patterns and different shades of material.

2. Floor using three-dimensional geometric patterns and different shades of materials, easy to produce high and low visual effects, easy to produce instant sense of visual interference, so that the value of bragging is not uncomfortable, the western restaurant decoration is intended to destroy the original intention of quiet and elegant, and even cause serious damage to the structure of the house.
Excessive “flower ghost” led to the tendency of the ballroom, making the quiet and quiet space become bloated and complex, lost the beauty of the static pastime of ningxin.

3. In the space, the large Western restaurant table and chairs decoration, color deeply painted color. First, the overall shape of the space is destroyed. A serious imbalance in space is an obstacle to visual refreshing. Both are large blocks of color, and they must be harmonious. If the contrast between color, depth, and depth is too large, it can affect the large effect.This can give people a feeling of depression, filling and suffocation.

Western restaurant is a very high – end place, we need to understand the choice of restaurant furniture so that we can meet our needs.

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