How To Buy Custom Restaurant Furniture To Decorate The Restaurant Living Room Ceiling?

How To Buy Custom Restaurant Furniture To Decorate The Restaurant Living Room Ceiling?

Buying the best restaurant furniture helps to decorate a restaurant environment with a good atmosphere, which can attract customers to spend. Dining room living room ceiling as a custom restaurant furniture, new room decoration dining room ceiling is very important, must find professional designer design ceiling, dining room living room ceiling decoration design has a variety of shapes, we choose the design of the design, we must be on the dining room decoration ceiling notes, to make a detailed understanding.So, do you know how to custom restaurant furniture?

How To Buy Custom Restaurant Furniture To Decorate The Restaurant Living Room Ceiling?

I. Dining room ceiling decoration design

1, in the ceiling separated decoration design

By the ceiling shape to separate the guest restaurant area, in other areas to maintain a consistent style, such a decoration design is more suitable for some of the less spacious guest restaurant area, will appear more spacious and independent of each other.

2, in the wall separated decoration design

If the ceiling shape is convenient and inconvenient to make a distinction, you can also do the difference in the shape of the wall, materials, color, etc. to do, so that the guest restaurant space to open each other and maintain a sense of independence.

3, ground separation decoration design

The so-called ground separation, is to do edge shape on the ground brick, this practice is usually integrated wall, smallpox together, suitable for some relatively large area of guest restaurant area.

4, open guest restaurant design

Of course, for the original area is not too large guest restaurant, can also directly maintain the open guest restaurant, the overall harmonious and unified pattern, directly let the guest restaurant mixed into one, without deliberately emphasizing independence can also.

How To Buy Custom Restaurant Furniture To Decorate The Restaurant Living Room Ceiling?

Second, the dining room living room decoration ceiling notes

1, ceiling should not have a mirror

If the use of mirror to extend the visual space of the restaurant, to ease the ceiling too low formation of depression, there will be a certain feng shui impact.Mirrors will have a reflex effect, the world does not open against the laws of nature, affecting the family situation, over time will also affect people’s mental health.

2, ceiling color should not be too heavy

Modern many families use color simple decoration home, which requires attention to color selection, the general top color is the lightest, wall second, the heaviest ground.Feng Shui inside there is talk of the earth is cloudy, clear air light and floating, turbid air heavy and down, such color matching will not make people depressed.

3, ceiling should not have a sky pool

Sky pool is between the ceiling and floor space, this is not the best to have, this sky pool often appears in the table when the beams are pressed by the way, smallpox low also means that the space is more narrow, there will be a sense of repression.

Example of ceiling decoration in the living room of the dining room For many small-scale space, the limited space, the living room and dining room can only be connected to each other, in the same space. At this time, in the living room and dining room to do an integrated ceiling design, so that two originally independent space in the same ceiling design, not only in the visual to make the space look more spacious, a certain degree to alleviate the space of small gaps.
In addition, it can also make the whole home space more concise and beautiful.

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