Introduction Of Coffee Machine As Restaurant Furniture

Introduction Of Coffee Machine As Restaurant Furniture

The extensive use of restaurant furniture has improved people’s quality of life, and the choice of the best restaurant furniture has become a must-have lesson for restaurant owners.

Coffee machine can produce a delicious coffee plays a decisive role, the market coffee machine brand many, the same type of coffee machine its different brand functions are actually much the same, just like mobile phones, superior quality, functional strength. What are the categories of coffee shops as restaurant furniture?In general, the coffee machine can be divided into fully automatic coffee machine and semi-automatic coffee machine.

Introduction Of Coffee Machine As Restaurant Furniture

Fully automatic coffee machine

A fully automatic coffee machine is a fully machine-brewed coffee that dispenses hands and can be used to grind, fill and make coffee some and even add hot milk to make milk coffee. Because with the development of the coffee machine market, the so-called “fully automatic coffee machine” is no longer limited to grinding, filling powder, powdering, boiling, cleaning a key to complete the coffee machine, it according to the needs of users to develop many new functions, such as grinding beans thick and fine adjustment machine structure is more complex, but convenient, fast, consistent quality, high efficiency, and a wide variety, but need good maintenance, maintenance costs are high.

Semi-automatic coffee machine

Semi-automatic coffee machine, is relative to the fully automatic coffee machine, it is a professional coffee machine, because the semi-automatic coffee machine can not grind beans, can only use coffee powder, the need for operators to fill their own powder and press powder, which involves the process of coffee production, so called a real professional coffee machine. Its characteristics are: 1. water temperature is constant. 2. pump pressure is stable. 3.steam constant pressure and dry, easy to operate.

Introduction Of Coffee Machine As Restaurant Furniture

Drip coffee machine

The drip machine is a classic drip filter. Simple, efficient, reliable and suitable for public use. Drip coffee machine work is also relatively simple, it contains a funnel, used to put filter paper and coffee powder, which essentially have a filter coffee device, if you choose to use drip coffee machine, you can not help but buy filter paper. A V-shaped funnel above, a coffee pot to be taken below, is the classic style of a drip-drip coffee machine.

High-pressure steam coffee machine

As the name implies, a high-pressure steam coffee machine is a combination of pump pressure and steam. The drip-drip coffee machine mentioned above is using an atmospheric pressure, that is, brewed under normal pressure, and the pump-pressure coffee machine is through the principle of pressure, when brewing coffee water pressure is greater than a atmospheric pressure, generally 5-19 atmosphere, quickly take out the essence of coffee, brewed coffee is more fragrant, And there will be a layer of grease.