How Much Do You Know About The Oven As A Restaurant Furniture?

How Much Do You Know About The Oven As A Restaurant Furniture?

The oven is essential in the purchase of restaurant furniture. The demand for the best restaurant furniture is increasing. Today, to satisfy the baking fun and increase the variety of food cooking methods, most users will be equipped with a beautiful and practical electric oven at home, so how to use the oven? And how to use the oven – what is the way to clean the oven, here’s a small editor to see, hoping to help with your use.Bake out delicious food.

First, how to use the oven – how to use the electric oven correctly

1. Use to go to the smell

The oven can be used as Chinese restaurant furniture or as western restaurant furniture, it is widely used. Before use, the equipment should be placed on a horizontal table, the surrounding reserved sufficient range to ensure that the surface of the box to other items between 250px distance, the top of the oven can not place any thing, the first use should first use with a soaked detergent cloth to wipe the inside of the oven, until completely dry after the door half open and then fire up and down fully open,
Turn the temperature to a maximum oven temperature and bake for 5 minutes before it is normally used.

How Much Do You Know About The Oven As A Restaurant Furniture?

2.Preheat the oven

In the baking of food, be sure to preheat the box in advance, so that the food baked out is more delicious, but also conducive to oven maintenance, usually in the condition, the oven preheat 5 to 10 minutes can be, the minimum preheating temperature needs 160 degrees C.

3. Baking plate with the right amount of water

As we all know, this kind of equipment in the use, because of its high temperature will take away a small amount of water in the food, so it is best to add some water in the baking tray, to avoid baking food too dry, too hard, but also better preserved the nutritional content of the food, so can be appropriate in the baking tray to add some water.

4.The temperature control when baking cake

In general, the higher the size of the pastry in the roasting of the lower the heat, the longer the time frame, on the contrary, if the smaller the size, the higher the temperature required for baking, the naturally shorter the baking time.

Second, how to use the oven – electric oven use 3 big notes

1.Because the heat inside the box is high, so after the end of the roasting to remove food, do not touch with your hands, must remember to wear gloves or heat shield, and heater or other parts of the inner cavity should not be touched by hand, so as not to burn.

2. Equipment after each use, to be cold after it must be scrubbed clean, plates and baking nets to wash with water, but for the box door and inner cavity, shell do not wash with water, in addition to the roasting of more grease west point or barbecue, it is best to put a large black baking plate on the bottom of the oil, or spread tin foil, so that cleaning will not be so difficult.

3. Each time after use, in order to effectively eliminate odor inside the box, put some orange peel in the box body, it will be heated and baked to 3 to 5 minutes to the state of unscorched, the effect is excellent.

How Much Do You Know About The Oven As A Restaurant Furniture?

Three, how to use the oven – the way to maintain the small oven

1.When using the electric oven, try to avoid the juice of food flow to the inner cavity of the oven, especially on the heating tube.

2. When using attention in the outside of the chassis do not let water flow.
to avoid short circuits.After each use, wipe the inner cavity of the electric oven with a dry cloth.

4. If inadvertently have food contact with the heating tube, with The must remember to clean the heating tube, so that the next use will not produce odor, will not affect its heating efficiency.

5. Electric oven when used as far as possible with the power of large electrical appliances, such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, induction cookers and so on using the same row, the electric oven placed in a dry environment, can extend the life of the electric oven.

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