Restaurant furniture - Cabinet Door Maintenance And Material Introduction

Restaurant furniture – Cabinet Door Maintenance And Material Introduction

Restaurant furniture selection should be careful, to choose the best restaurant furniture, in order to better decorate the restaurant. A well-laid restaurant that attracts a lot of customers.

Restaurant can not be less than the kitchen cabinet door, then how to buy a good cabinet door, you know? The choice of cabinet door material is related to whether the overall wardrobe door is strong, whether durable, cabinet door must use material hardness and density are very good to ensure the quality of the wardrobe door.So how to buy the material of the cabinet door? Cabinet door, what material to use is better? Small editor today to introduce to you how to buy the cabinet door material and the cabinet door maintenance skills and how the door hand design is better.

First,what kind of material is good in the cabinet door

1. The substrate of the blister cabinet door is used with 18mm thick high density plate, after processing cut and carved into many shapes, its advantages are strong texture three-dimensional sense, rich color, and easy to clean, scratch-resistant.
The disadvantage is that the production requirements and the technology is high, the relative price will also be high

2.The main material of fire proof cabinet door is the use of silicon and calcium materials as the main raw materials, add a certain proportion of fiber materials and chemical agents and other mixing, its advantages bright and rich, scratch-resistant, the price is also relatively cheap: the disadvantage is that there is no fashion sense, more ancient.

Restaurant furniture - Cabinet Door Maintenance And Material Introduction

Second, the maintenance skills of cabinet doors

1.Cabinet table is best to avoid long-term immersion, otherwise the table surface is prone to open glue deformation, do not use bleach water to remove stains, which will make the color of the table surface lighter, which will affect the beauty.

2.Do not put too heavy on the countertop or be sharp objects to avoid being scratched, if the oversized or overweight objects on the table, may cause the table can not bear to crack, rinse the countertop do not use cold water immediately with hot water.

3.Do not use wire ball to clean the table, the cracks in the table if there are stains, you can use soapy water or rags to clean the cleaning, and then wipe clean with a dry cloth, do not use the wire ball to clean.

4.Prohibit strong chemicals contact with the countertop, such as de-paint, metal cleaning agent, strong acid cleaning agent and so on if these items accidentally get on the table, should immediately use a large amount of soapy water to rinse the surface of the cabinet, if the cleaning is not clean can be used alcohol wipe and then washwithr with water.

5.Please professional handling, if the countertop for some reason smaller scratches or because of long-term use without the previous bright smooth, you can ask professional people to maintain the surface beautification.

Restaurant furniture - Cabinet Door Maintenance And Material Introduction

Third, how to design the door hand is better

1. Ordinary design. Generally we use the door puller are installed a special area on the facade to install the door puller, so that it is convenient to close the door, and the style of the door door hand is also more varied, you can choose.
Generally in the purchase of Chinese restaurant furniture, simple cabinet doors will be more popular.

2. Rotating design. There are some cabinet door hand design can be rotated, in use, the cabinet door puller to flip, so that the front door puller is flat, and the reverse is the household type, only need to use the door gently press the upper and lower part of the cabinet door hand, you can be the cabinet door development, will not affect the use of tatami,
At the same time, this design also has a very good insect-proof, moisture-proof effect.

3. Hidden design. In order to ensure the beauty of the cabinet door, can also be the door hand to hide, this time is generally a groove to replace, so that not only convenient cabinet door opening and closing, but also to ensure that the cabinet door open normally, to ensure the integrity of the cabinet door, open the door can also ensure that the door will not touch the phenomenon,Is now more popular a door design method.

4. Press the design. This press design of the door pullist is mainly in the door panel and the front between the door according to a touch equipment, in use by pressing, the cabinet door piece will be their own bouncing open, the biggest advantage of this door door hand design is very convenient to open the door.If it is closed, you need to point the door to the position of the self-bouncer press hard to do it, otherwise the door piece will be more difficult.

The above is the small editor today for everyone to bring all the contents of the door, the door materials are diverse, must be based on the style of the door, function and home style to choose, so that the installation of the overall effect of the door hand will look good enough coordination, will not appear very abrupt.
That’s what the little editor is talking about today,.

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