How Is The Chinese Wine Cabinet Designed In Restaurant Furniture?

How Is The Chinese Wine Cabinet Designed In Restaurant Furniture?

In our restaurant furniture decoration design, many friends in the restaurant design a wine cabinet, so that not only can increase the beauty of our restaurant, but also we can use our wine cabinet as a partition, and the wine cabinet itself is also a very large style, in which the Chinese wine cabinet partition is a kind of.

Next, by the small editor for everyone to bring about the Chinese wine cabinet as chinese restaurant furniture partition related introduction, together to understand it, I hope can bring help to everyone.

How Is The Chinese Wine Cabinet Designed In Restaurant Furniture?

First, Chinese wine cabinet partition design

1. If you want to relax in the restaurant decoration, we can choose to set up a bar in the entrance hall. It combines a wine cabinet with a bar. Then we can sit down and enjoy the wine in our spare time. If the interior space is small and the kitchen is open-plan, we can also place a tabletop wine cabinet in the dining room.
It can also be used as a dining table, both beautiful and practical.

2. The fireplace-style wine cabinet has also been a popular wine cabinet in recent years. The wine cabinet is designed as a fireplace with fine wines stored inside. Some people have a restaurant in the middle of the restaurant.
In this way the wine cabinet looks like an island, which effectively distinguishes the living room and dining room so that they are related to each other.

3. The cabinet is a more common wine cabinet style.
It has powerful features and can store fine wines and a variety of cutlery.

4. Display rack wine cabinet can not only play the role of isolation space, but also facilitate the owner to store wine.
Typically, it has a large storage space that can display effects.

5. Showroom-style wine cabinets mainly play a decorative role.Usually in the style of a traditional wine cabinet, transparent glass doors and windows, can be a good display of the inside of the wine cabinet.

How Is The Chinese Wine Cabinet Designed In Restaurant Furniture?

Second, Chinese wine cabinet partition how to do

  1. Consider the use of Chinese Dobao grid partition, both breathable and light, the decoration of the side of the living room, can beautify the living room, the bedroom can pull up the curtains, as needed to pull up, to form a partition.
  2. Use partition form for the screen style, this kind of partition use more, whether it is room decoration, placement unit is complementary. The screen style is similar in style to the screen. Most of them are floor-to-ceiling screens – “land screens” and large screens. This model reflects both the atmosphere of the host and the elegance, as the screen partition is mainly used as a partition.
    Therefore, sometimes it pays less attention to the precision of engraving and the high standard of material selection.
  3. To ensure the brightness of the light, to avoid the light caused by the separation of light darkened, so our partition does not use steel keel, but the keel stent into a white plank, and then with uneven wood and keel between the frosted glass, so that the whole room can be kept bright and distinguish the space.
    We also made a few display steps on the wooden keel, you can place some decorations at will, beautiful and creative.

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