How Do Western-style Restaurant Furniture Be Used?

How Do Western-style Restaurant Furniture Be Used?

Western food is loved by many people in many countries, Western restaurant furniture is essential.To open a Western restaurant, you first have to choose to buy some of the best restaurant furniture.

Knife and fork in Western food is common as restaurant furniture.So, do you know how to use a knife and fork?

Go to the Western restaurant to eat steak, knife and fork how to use is right, not to let you appear embarrassing phenomenon, today small editor to tell you. Western food is generally available with knives and forks, and they are more than one pair, often two or three pairs.

How Do Western-style Restaurant Furniture Be Used?

Usually the knife is placed on your right hand and the fork is placed on your left hand. How do you get a knife and fork for western food? If you eat a dish, you need to change a pair of knives and forks. Eat salad, eat seafood, eat main course, each with a pair. How do you get three knives and forks? That’s in order, from the outside to the inside. First take the outermost pair, the outermost pair is generally eating salad, and then take the middle of that pair, the middle of this pair is generally eating seafood; The use of Western kitchen knives and forks, there is a great deal of attention.

No matter which knife and fork you take, it is usually used as a left fork and right knife. British-style eating method. How does the British way of eating work? It is like this: take a knife with your right hand and a fork in your left hand. For example, this is a steak that requires a cut from the left.

Cut down a piece and eat it right away. The American-style method of eating is to cut it from the left to the right, after the cut, the right hand to take the knife down, and then the left hand fork to the right hand, with the right hand fork fork and eat it. Mainly when eating do not take a knife, only the right hand fork. It can be seen that the American British greatly different. The knife and fork of Western food can’t mean people.

When using a Western kitchen knife and fork to cut dishes is very elegant. What is the general habit? The left and right elbows should be clamped just on both sides of the waist to control your cutting movements.

How Do Western-style Restaurant Furniture Be Used?

You intend to talk to the people around you during the meal, you can’t talk to others with a knife or fork. If you want to talk to someone, you must put it down first. How do you put it?

Please note that you can put a knife and fork on the plate into the chinese characters of the eight characters. The blade is inward and cannot be outwards; What does this form mean? It’s about telling the waiter and others that I haven’t finished this dish. You don’t mess around, don’t put them side by side. Knife and fork side by side place, knife teeth inward, fork teeth, indicating that they do not eat, please immediately put it away.

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