How Much Do You Know About The Oven As A Restaurant Furniture?

How Much Do You Know About The Oven As A Restaurant Furniture?

The oven is essential in the purchase of restaurant furniture. The demand for the best restaurant furniture is increasing. Today, to satisfy the baking fun and increase the variety of food cooking methods, most users will be equipped with a beautiful and practical electric oven at home, so how to use the oven? And how to use the oven – what is the way to clean the oven, here’s a small editor to see, hoping to help with your use.Bake out delicious food.

First, how to use the oven – how to use the electric oven correctly

1. Use to go to the smell

The oven can be used as Chinese restaurant furniture or as western restaurant furniture, it is widely used. Before use, the equipment should be placed on a horizontal table, the surrounding reserved sufficient range to ensure that the surface of the box to other items between 250px distance, the top of the oven can not place any thing, the first use should first use with a soaked detergent cloth to wipe the inside of the oven, until completely dry after the door half open and then fire up and down fully open,
Turn the temperature to a maximum oven temperature and bake for 5 minutes before it is normally used.

How Much Do You Know About The Oven As A Restaurant Furniture?

2.Preheat the oven

In the baking of food, be sure to preheat the box in advance, so that the food baked out is more delicious, but also conducive to oven maintenance, usually in the condition, the oven preheat 5 to 10 minutes can be, the minimum preheating temperature needs 160 degrees C.

3. Baking plate with the right amount of water

As we all know, this kind of equipment in the use, because of its high temperature will take away a small amount of water in the food, so it is best to add some water in the baking tray, to avoid baking food too dry, too hard, but also better preserved the nutritional content of the food, so can be appropriate in the baking tray to add some water.

4.The temperature control when baking cake

In general, the higher the size of the pastry in the roasting of the lower the heat, the longer the time frame, on the contrary, if the smaller the size, the higher the temperature required for baking, the naturally shorter the baking time.

Second, how to use the oven – electric oven use 3 big notes

1.Because the heat inside the box is high, so after the end of the roasting to remove food, do not touch with your hands, must remember to wear gloves or heat shield, and heater or other parts of the inner cavity should not be touched by hand, so as not to burn.

2. Equipment after each use, to be cold after it must be scrubbed clean, plates and baking nets to wash with water, but for the box door and inner cavity, shell do not wash with water, in addition to the roasting of more grease west point or barbecue, it is best to put a large black baking plate on the bottom of the oil, or spread tin foil, so that cleaning will not be so difficult.

3. Each time after use, in order to effectively eliminate odor inside the box, put some orange peel in the box body, it will be heated and baked to 3 to 5 minutes to the state of unscorched, the effect is excellent.

How Much Do You Know About The Oven As A Restaurant Furniture?

Three, how to use the oven – the way to maintain the small oven

1.When using the electric oven, try to avoid the juice of food flow to the inner cavity of the oven, especially on the heating tube.

2. When using attention in the outside of the chassis do not let water flow.
to avoid short circuits.After each use, wipe the inner cavity of the electric oven with a dry cloth.

4. If inadvertently have food contact with the heating tube, with The must remember to clean the heating tube, so that the next use will not produce odor, will not affect its heating efficiency.

5. Electric oven when used as far as possible with the power of large electrical appliances, such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, induction cookers and so on using the same row, the electric oven placed in a dry environment, can extend the life of the electric oven.

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How Is The Chinese Wine Cabinet Designed In Restaurant Furniture?

How Is The Chinese Wine Cabinet Designed In Restaurant Furniture?

In our restaurant furniture decoration design, many friends in the restaurant design a wine cabinet, so that not only can increase the beauty of our restaurant, but also we can use our wine cabinet as a partition, and the wine cabinet itself is also a very large style, in which the Chinese wine cabinet partition is a kind of.

Next, by the small editor for everyone to bring about the Chinese wine cabinet as chinese restaurant furniture partition related introduction, together to understand it, I hope can bring help to everyone.

How Is The Chinese Wine Cabinet Designed In Restaurant Furniture?

First, Chinese wine cabinet partition design

1. If you want to relax in the restaurant decoration, we can choose to set up a bar in the entrance hall. It combines a wine cabinet with a bar. Then we can sit down and enjoy the wine in our spare time. If the interior space is small and the kitchen is open-plan, we can also place a tabletop wine cabinet in the dining room.
It can also be used as a dining table, both beautiful and practical.

2. The fireplace-style wine cabinet has also been a popular wine cabinet in recent years. The wine cabinet is designed as a fireplace with fine wines stored inside. Some people have a restaurant in the middle of the restaurant.
In this way the wine cabinet looks like an island, which effectively distinguishes the living room and dining room so that they are related to each other.

3. The cabinet is a more common wine cabinet style.
It has powerful features and can store fine wines and a variety of cutlery.

4. Display rack wine cabinet can not only play the role of isolation space, but also facilitate the owner to store wine.
Typically, it has a large storage space that can display effects.

5. Showroom-style wine cabinets mainly play a decorative role.Usually in the style of a traditional wine cabinet, transparent glass doors and windows, can be a good display of the inside of the wine cabinet.

How Is The Chinese Wine Cabinet Designed In Restaurant Furniture?

Second, Chinese wine cabinet partition how to do

  1. Consider the use of Chinese Dobao grid partition, both breathable and light, the decoration of the side of the living room, can beautify the living room, the bedroom can pull up the curtains, as needed to pull up, to form a partition.
  2. Use partition form for the screen style, this kind of partition use more, whether it is room decoration, placement unit is complementary. The screen style is similar in style to the screen. Most of them are floor-to-ceiling screens – “land screens” and large screens. This model reflects both the atmosphere of the host and the elegance, as the screen partition is mainly used as a partition.
    Therefore, sometimes it pays less attention to the precision of engraving and the high standard of material selection.
  3. To ensure the brightness of the light, to avoid the light caused by the separation of light darkened, so our partition does not use steel keel, but the keel stent into a white plank, and then with uneven wood and keel between the frosted glass, so that the whole room can be kept bright and distinguish the space.
    We also made a few display steps on the wooden keel, you can place some decorations at will, beautiful and creative.

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How To Buy Chandeliers In Restaurant Furniture, What Brand?

How To Buy Chandeliers In Restaurant Furniture, What Brand?

Open a Chinese restaurant need to restaurant furniture, there is a restaurant style of good or bad, mostly depends on the purchase of good restaurant furniture.

After the decoration of the restaurant, the biggest problem is to choose a suitable chandelier, hall lighting as a Chinese restaurant furniture decoration, the layout of the entire restaurant has a great role.
This is also a good environment for our home. But different halls in the choice of chandeliers, but also need to understand the skills in a timely manner, then how to choose the hall chandeliers?

This is also a good environment for our home. But different halls in the choice of chandeliers, but also need to understand the skills in a timely manner, then how to choose the hall chandeliers?The following small editor lets you introduce it, which helps our choice.

How To Buy Chandeliers In Restaurant Furniture, What Brand?

First, how to choose the hall chandelier

1. Must clearly understand, in the purchase hall chandelier, its style and the overall hall home decoration coordination, coordination is also very important, because the hall chandeliers to the whole hall played a dragon-finishing. This ceiling mainly from the lighting and shape to show its lighting effect, so in the purchase, pay attention to the color and shape of the chandelier is consistent with the hall decoration style, very important. As we choose the hall chandeliers, we also need to know carefully, we must be perfect match.That will be tasteful.

2. We must remember, can not ignore its energy-saving power-saving effect. This understanding, because the hall uses chandeliers the most frequently, so be sure to choose that kind of energy-saving chandeliers.
And its lighting is good, can not emit too much heat, install LED energy-saving light bulbs is very good.

3. When at home in the purchase hall chandeliers, but also pay attention to the problem of cleaning. This helps us to take care of, some ceiling lamps will occur electromagnetic reaction when turned on, will be air dust adsorbed to the lamp, but also attract some small flying insects hit the lamp, so that a long time not cleaning, ceiling lamp will be stained with a lot of dust and small flying insects.Also take into account its gravity, as the hall is the main area of activity and safety is very important, and the light-weight chandeliers are selected.

How To Buy Chandeliers In Restaurant Furniture, What Brand?

Second, what are the brands of chandeliers?

1.The quality of Shakespeare, Shakespeare chandeliers ten brands, to meet the needs of our use, the brand was established in Taiwan, is Taiwan’s first ceiling fan and lighting manufacturers, with more than 60 years of history, specializing in the production of decorative fans, lighting and spare parts enterprises.

2. High-end quality, Minnie intelligent lighting.

Minnie Intelligent Lighting was founded in 2004, many years of history, is an integrated lighting enterprise, the enterprise has advanced technology and leading production equipment, with years of efforts, the title.

3. Very famous Foshan photo, Foshan lighting is a listed company, is a brand-name products in Guangdong Province, with its own good quality, in the industry has a strong competitiveness, with five production bases, a very large-scale manufacturer of lamps.

4. CCTV listed brand Rex lighting, Rex lighting is a domestic commercial lighting leader, domestic well-known brands, but also import and export brands, mainly engaged in construction, home, industry, urban lighting and other fields of lighting production, its products have been exported to many regions abroad.

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Choose A Good Restaurant Furniture To Decorate A Chinese Restaurant With Different Styles

Choose A Good Restaurant Furniture To Decorate A Chinese Restaurant With Different Styles

In home decoration, not to say, many people will choose the best restaurant furniture. The restaurant as a place where we enjoy our food every day, its decoration design should focus on practical functions and aesthetics.
The well-furnished restaurant can not only create a comfortable dining environment for us, but also make the room a lot of color.

In the restaurant decoration design, the table is naturally essential. We eat every day will use it, invite friends to the home activities will also use it, occasionally write something on the table will also use it, and so on, so it is very useful.I’m sure most people don’t know much about its choice, so today we’ll talk about it.

Choose A Good Restaurant Furniture To Decorate A Chinese Restaurant With Different Styles

If the Chinese restaurant decoration style is modern minimalist style, then I would recommend a simple restaurant furniture combination.Simple and full-touch beige main color, decorated with dark elements If the Chinese restaurant decoration style is Nordic minimalist style, I recommend a pure Nordic style table, its natural wood and environmental protection and black matte paint combined to give us a soft and peaceful visual feeling.Table shape is simple, the chair lines simple and smooth, just as the Nordic simple and fresh, its main material chooses sturdy rubber wood, strong and stable, strong gravity.

If you like both the Nordic and modern, you might as well choose this dining table combination. It is a mash-up of modern Nordic style, both modern fashion, but also a simple sense of original wood, so that you minutes close to nature. The frame is rubber wood solid wood, wood pattern is clear, the structure is strong, the gravity is better.

The most important thing is that this table table table retractable activities, a pull, square table seconds into a round table, daily meal, reception of friends can all be done, is the inevitable choice of most small and medium-sized restaurants.

Choose A Good Restaurant Furniture To Decorate A Chinese Restaurant With Different Styles

If the Chinese restaurant is decorated in an American country style, then I would recommend this table combination. It has a strong American wind, releasing a natural pure lying rustic atmosphere. Table panel is red cherry wood color, texture delicate, color dynamic nature, it is derived from the pure American wind inspiration.

Table countertops can also be folded, folded, hidden parts built-in, and do not affect the look and end of the table. The restaurant is where we talk most to our families, so table choice is important. What kind of restaurant style, then choose what kind of table. Different restaurant operators have different styles, giving us different visual enjoyment.

Tips For Buying Tea Plates In Restaurant Furniture

Tips For Buying Tea Plates In Restaurant Furniture

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the quality of restaurant furniture has also been paid attention to, so the purchase of the best restaurant furniture has become an important step in the teahouse.

In the teahouse, tea plate is one of the most commonly used restaurant furniture for everyday tea making, so it is important to choose a suitable tea plate.Do you want to know how to buy a tea plate?

At present, the market tea plate from the material to divide, roughly divided into bamboo, wood, stone, purple sand, ceramics, electric wood, other categories.

Tips For Buying Tea Plates In Restaurant Furniture

Tips for buying stone tea plates

Stone common lying, purple robe jade, other materials, stone material is the first push of a class of tea plate. One is durable, will not crack, not easy to break. Second, it has the value of collection preservation.Third, it has the value of conservation and viewing, stone tea plate after a long time of use will be more and more smooth. But stone tea plate is relatively expensive, of course, is not particularly expensive, such as slugs, the current ordinary tea plate is also more than a thousand dollars, very good.

Tips for buying electric wood tea plates

“Electric wood” is the term of this material in Taiwan. It is known as phenolic cotton plate. It is made up of a phenolic resin soaked in cotton cloth to heat the melted phenolic resin after drying. Electric wood tea plate according to the raw material grade, its price difference is also particularly large, on the whole, the price is too expensive, especially in Taiwan, the mainland region is relatively cheap. Electric wood tea plate is durable, beautiful and generous is its important feature.It is highly recommended if conditions permit.

Tips For Buying Tea Plates In Restaurant Furniture

Tips for buying ceramic tea plates

Ceramic tea plate is a relatively elegant class, ceramics can hand-paint edit a variety of patterns, and simple, especially the current popular dry foam method, combined with ceramic tea plate is a very good choice. The choice of ceramic tea plate, you need to have a separate space of the tea room users, on the one hand, easy to highlight the theme in line with the environmental atmosphere, on the other hand, ceramic fragile, independent tea space can prevent the tea plate accidentally damaged.

Introduction Of Coffee Machine As Restaurant Furniture

Introduction Of Coffee Machine As Restaurant Furniture

The extensive use of restaurant furniture has improved people’s quality of life, and the choice of the best restaurant furniture has become a must-have lesson for restaurant owners.

Coffee machine can produce a delicious coffee plays a decisive role, the market coffee machine brand many, the same type of coffee machine its different brand functions are actually much the same, just like mobile phones, superior quality, functional strength. What are the categories of coffee shops as restaurant furniture?In general, the coffee machine can be divided into fully automatic coffee machine and semi-automatic coffee machine.

Introduction Of Coffee Machine As Restaurant Furniture

Fully automatic coffee machine

A fully automatic coffee machine is a fully machine-brewed coffee that dispenses hands and can be used to grind, fill and make coffee some and even add hot milk to make milk coffee. Because with the development of the coffee machine market, the so-called “fully automatic coffee machine” is no longer limited to grinding, filling powder, powdering, boiling, cleaning a key to complete the coffee machine, it according to the needs of users to develop many new functions, such as grinding beans thick and fine adjustment machine structure is more complex, but convenient, fast, consistent quality, high efficiency, and a wide variety, but need good maintenance, maintenance costs are high.

Semi-automatic coffee machine

Semi-automatic coffee machine, is relative to the fully automatic coffee machine, it is a professional coffee machine, because the semi-automatic coffee machine can not grind beans, can only use coffee powder, the need for operators to fill their own powder and press powder, which involves the process of coffee production, so called a real professional coffee machine. Its characteristics are: 1. water temperature is constant. 2. pump pressure is stable. 3.steam constant pressure and dry, easy to operate.

Introduction Of Coffee Machine As Restaurant Furniture

Drip coffee machine

The drip machine is a classic drip filter. Simple, efficient, reliable and suitable for public use. Drip coffee machine work is also relatively simple, it contains a funnel, used to put filter paper and coffee powder, which essentially have a filter coffee device, if you choose to use drip coffee machine, you can not help but buy filter paper. A V-shaped funnel above, a coffee pot to be taken below, is the classic style of a drip-drip coffee machine.

High-pressure steam coffee machine

As the name implies, a high-pressure steam coffee machine is a combination of pump pressure and steam. The drip-drip coffee machine mentioned above is using an atmospheric pressure, that is, brewed under normal pressure, and the pump-pressure coffee machine is through the principle of pressure, when brewing coffee water pressure is greater than a atmospheric pressure, generally 5-19 atmosphere, quickly take out the essence of coffee, brewed coffee is more fragrant, And there will be a layer of grease.

Restaurant Furniture Sofa Decorative Coffee Shop

Restaurant Furniture Sofa Decorative Coffee Shop

The coffee shop is another special restaurant, open a coffee shop needs to buy a lot of restaurant furniture, and now many coffee shops in order to decorate the good looks will choose custom restaurant furniture.

Although the pace of people’s lives is getting faster and faster, but people’s awareness of the enjoyment of life is also stronger, cafes as a representative of small-capital life, like springing up in the busy city of the ground to take root.

Restaurant Furniture Sofa Decorative Coffee Shop

People like to search through the gaps in their busy lives to find time to relax in the coffee shop, and students like to sit on the coffee shop couch, listening to music while drinking a cup of coffee as a busy learning life relaxation.

At the same time, the coffee shop is also a better place for couples to date, order a cup of coffee and have a few desserts, and communicate with intimate people more deep-seated thoughts To evaluate the standard of a coffee shop, more important is the level of coffee in this shop, whether the taste of coffee is authentic is the key factor to determine the number of customers in this shop, in addition to the coffee shop’s service attitude, price consumption level, in-store decoration design and so on are also important factors affecting the flow of passengers.

The texture of the coffee shop sofa is good or bad, but also to a certain extent affect the mood of customers. First of all, the sofa must be very comfortable, let people sit up and just want to stay in the shop to enjoy one food coffee after another.

Restaurant Furniture Sofa Decorative Coffee Shop

Secondly, the coffee shop sofa is suitable for the choice of coffee color, let people have a positive association to induce the desire to drink coffee, in fact, milky white is also a very good choice, but milk white to consider a problem is the difficulty of later cleaning, the sofa inside the coffee shop is relatively easy to get dirty, the color is too shallow will increase the cost of cleaning a sofa.

Cafe sofas as a kind of restaurant furniture, it can be done without the need for one-size-fits-all, according to the style of the coffee shop to customize. According to the theme of the coffee shop to a certain extent of the transformation, for example, if it is a cure of small fresh style of coffee shop can be embroidered on the top of some lovely small patterns, if it is a rock-style coffee shop can consider some rivet elements to join, as for the elegant and generous type of coffee shop, lace should be a very good choice.

How Do Western-style Restaurant Furniture Be Used?

How Do Western-style Restaurant Furniture Be Used?

Western food is loved by many people in many countries, Western restaurant furniture is essential.To open a Western restaurant, you first have to choose to buy some of the best restaurant furniture.

Knife and fork in Western food is common as restaurant furniture.So, do you know how to use a knife and fork?

Go to the Western restaurant to eat steak, knife and fork how to use is right, not to let you appear embarrassing phenomenon, today small editor to tell you. Western food is generally available with knives and forks, and they are more than one pair, often two or three pairs.

How Do Western-style Restaurant Furniture Be Used?

Usually the knife is placed on your right hand and the fork is placed on your left hand. How do you get a knife and fork for western food? If you eat a dish, you need to change a pair of knives and forks. Eat salad, eat seafood, eat main course, each with a pair. How do you get three knives and forks? That’s in order, from the outside to the inside. First take the outermost pair, the outermost pair is generally eating salad, and then take the middle of that pair, the middle of this pair is generally eating seafood; The use of Western kitchen knives and forks, there is a great deal of attention.

No matter which knife and fork you take, it is usually used as a left fork and right knife. British-style eating method. How does the British way of eating work? It is like this: take a knife with your right hand and a fork in your left hand. For example, this is a steak that requires a cut from the left.

Cut down a piece and eat it right away. The American-style method of eating is to cut it from the left to the right, after the cut, the right hand to take the knife down, and then the left hand fork to the right hand, with the right hand fork fork and eat it. Mainly when eating do not take a knife, only the right hand fork. It can be seen that the American British greatly different. The knife and fork of Western food can’t mean people.

When using a Western kitchen knife and fork to cut dishes is very elegant. What is the general habit? The left and right elbows should be clamped just on both sides of the waist to control your cutting movements.

How Do Western-style Restaurant Furniture Be Used?

You intend to talk to the people around you during the meal, you can’t talk to others with a knife or fork. If you want to talk to someone, you must put it down first. How do you put it?

Please note that you can put a knife and fork on the plate into the chinese characters of the eight characters. The blade is inward and cannot be outwards; What does this form mean? It’s about telling the waiter and others that I haven’t finished this dish. You don’t mess around, don’t put them side by side. Knife and fork side by side place, knife teeth inward, fork teeth, indicating that they do not eat, please immediately put it away.