Special Snack Shop Decoration Precautions

Special Snack Shop Decoration Precautions

If you want to decorate the specialty snack bar, Xiao Bian suggests that you decorate your own style, you need to buy custom restaurant furniture, so that the decorated snack bar can attract more customers. Want to decorate the specialty snack bar first of all to pay attention to the overall space layout and decoration style. So today, let’s take a look at the tips and precautions for the decoration of the specialty snack bar.

Special Snack Shop Decoration Precautions

First, special snack shop decoration attention to what

1.Due to the unique appearance of the decoration, the facade is the first impression of the customer, and the number of quarters has its own characteristics. As stylish as possible, eye-catching and easy to remember. The design and decoration of the signboard should conform to the theme of the store. Some elements can be used to give people a clean and bright impression.

2.When decorating, we must pay attention to the fact that during the decoration period, we must have a reasonable space layout, choose the best restaurant furniture to decorate the snack bar. The functional design of the specialty snack bar consists of three aspects, namely the layout of the restaurant, the setting of the meal and the route of the people. Reasonable restaurant function design, beautiful and practical, economical and reasonable.

3.Let’s take a look at the space inside the specialty snack bar to make our guests more happy. According to its function, it can be divided into guest dining space and patchwork. As for the design of the table, according to the size and grade of the specialty snack bar, we must also pay attention to the scientific layout of the table to achieve the effect of application and coordination.

Special Snack Shop Decoration Precautions

Second, the specialty snack shop decoration taboo is what

  1. Only know the decoration, I often hear that someone is in the process of renovation. There are many problems. In order to prevent yourself from being cheated, you must first enrich your knowledge of decoration. Only by arming your knowledge can you take the initiative to deal with the risks that refurbishment may face and minimize the possibility of problems.
  2. It is also important to choose a regulatory company. This way our construction works well. It is best to supervise the intervention before looking for a decoration company to better monitor the entire refurbishment process. Then to decorate, you should know the decor style of the snack bar, the choice of furniture and the approximate location and budget of the decor.
  3. here reminds everyone to pay attention to not only consider their own feelings when decorating. The layout of home appliances and room decoration was not fully considered. In this way, there are often problems of uneven decorative style, unreasonable space utilization, repeated assembly and disassembly.

There are many styles of decoration and decoration of specialty snack bars. When you are decorating, you still need to buy restaurant furniture in combination with your actual needs, so as to attract customers.

What Should The Restaurant's Minimalist Design Do?

What Should The Restaurant’s Minimalist Design Do?

A good food environment will directly affect the individual appetite, then the family restaurant design mainly includes what aspects of the design? Usually, the overall color of the restaurant, table and chair selection, restaurant floor selection and other restaurant furniture are crucial.Let’s take a look at the information!

 What Should The Restaurant's Minimalist Design Do?

First. The simple design features of the restaurant

Using new materials, new technology is used to build indoor environment adapted to modern life, with simplicity as the main feature, pay attention to the use of indoor space function.

Indoor layout of the principle of functional differentiation to carry out, furniture layout and space closely working together, advocate waste redundant, cumbersome add-on decoration, in color and modeling to follow the fashion, you can choose the best restaurant furniture, but also need you to remember a little, simplicity is not equal to simple.

Second, the restaurant simple style design concept description

To satisfy the emotional, instinctive and rational demand of the space environment in a concise form, this is the modern minimalist style. Modern minimalist style emphasizes less is more, discards unnecessary decorative elements, pursues fashion and modern simplicity, pleasant colors. Compared with the traditional style, modern simplicity with the most straightforward decorative language reflects the atmosphere created by the space and furniture, thus giving space personality and tranquility. Simplicity is a way of life, “simplicity and genius are twin sisters.” “Choose simplicity is to choose an attitude towards life. Now the fast pace of urban life, work pressure, if you do not want to be tired of life, hope to relax at home completely, enjoy life, modern simplicity is a good choice.Simple home, simple life, mutual cause and effect.

 What Should The Restaurant's Minimalist Design Do?

Thrid. Restaurant Simple Design Case Study

1.Color matching of restaurant decoration design Restaurant general color matching is along with the living room, because the majority of the current architectural design, dining room and living room are connected, which is mainly from the perspective of spatial sense of consideration.For the structure of the restaurant single-set, the use of color, it is advisable to use a warm color system, because in color psychology, warm color is conducive to promoting appetite, which is why many restaurants use yellow, red system.

2.Style of restaurant decoration design

The style of the restaurant is determined by the cutlery. So in the pre-decoration, on the table and dining chair style set. The most conflicting are colors, ceiling shapes and wall decorations. Different styles can be restaurant atmosphere to choose different restaurant furniture, now Western restaurant furniture and very popular with everyone.

In general, their style corresponds to this:

1) The glass dining table corresponds to the modern style, the minimalist style.

2) Dark wood table corresponding to Chinese style, simple style.

3) Light wood table corresponding to natural style, Nordic style.

4) Metal carved table corresponding to the traditional European style (Western Europe).

5) The simplified metal table corresponds to the modern style, the minimalist style, the metallic style.

3.The choice of tableware for restaurant decoration and design The choice of cutlery needs to be careful with the size of the space. Small spacewith with a large dining table, or large space with a small dining table is not suitable. Buyers have a hard time getting things to the site for comparison because of the actual problemof buying.Therefore, first measure the preferred table size, get a full-scale comparison on the spot, this will be more appropriate, to avoid the inconvenience caused by too small.

4.The choice of table cloth for restaurant decoration and design

Table cloth should be mainly cloth, there are a variety of options on the market.

If you use a plastic tablecloth, when placing hot material, place the necessary thick mats, especially the glass table, which may cause unnecessary thermal cracking.

5.The dining table and table and chair of the restaurant decoration design match

Tables and chairs are generally matching, but you are separate, you need to pay attention to maintain a certain ergonomic distance (too high or too low will affect the normal eating posture, causing stomach discomfort or digestion. Custom restaurant furniture can also be customized to achieve a reasonable match ingres with tables and dining chairs.

What's The Buying Technique For Restaurant Wall Tiles?

What’s The Buying Technique For Restaurant Wall Tiles?

For the restaurant, the best restaurant furniture, we also often use tiles to decorate the walls. Because the dining room is connected to the kitchen, sometimes the kitchen smoke will drift to the dining room, so the tile decorative walls are easy to clean, beautiful.
So how to stick the restaurant wall tiles? What are the restaurant wall tile shopping tips? Let’s get a little bit of a break to understand about the restaurant wall tile how to paste and restaurant wall tile shopping tips related content.

What's The Buying Technique For Restaurant Wall Tiles?

First, restaurant wall tiles how to paste

1, flat.
Before laying the wall tiles, the surface of the wall must be treated well, the surface stains need to be removed after the water to wet, and then use cement mortar to level.

2, pull the line.
The cable before laying the tile is also one of the essential processes, we need to be able to find the flat line in advance to do a good mark, so that the tile laid has been kept in the cable.

3, soak ediwater.
It is also an important process to soak the wall bricks, before laying the bricks, you need to soak all the wall tiles in the water, wait until it does not bubble before drying the water stains.

4, mixing.
If you choose to use glazed wall tiles, you need to put cement and sand, according to the ratio of 1:3 with water mixing evenly. 5, spread. When laying tiles, to sprinkle water on the tiles, be sure to all the walls soaked, and then the back of the wall tiles with cement, thickness generally control between 5mm-6mm.

5, stick the tile to the wall, use a hammer to gently hammer flat, and then use a horizontal ruler to measure whether it is flat enough.

What's The Buying Technique For Restaurant Wall Tiles?

Second, restaurant wall tile purchase tips

1, restaurant wall tile shopping tips, see the appearance. There are two things you need to pay attention to when you shop out the appearance of wall tiles. One is the quality of the tiles, the surface of the tiles should be flat, delicate, glazed finish. When buying, you can take the tile open about 1 meter, vertical observation, the surface is not obviously broken color, dislocation, cracks and other imperfections. On the other hand is the pattern pattern, in the pattern pattern selection, but also to consider two aspects, one is the pattern can not be too deep, too deep and easy to hide dirt. Whether the design of the second pattern matches the overall decoration, can play the icing on the cake. The choice of wall tiles should be reasonably matched with the style of restaurant furniture. This is good for the layout of the restaurant.
Tables and dining chairs are important for restaurant furniture and can be negotiated with Dining Chairs Manufacturers to purchase the best restaurant furniture.

2, restaurant wall tile shopping tips, try stitching. Wall tiles overall decoration effect, a single tile may not reflect the real stick effect.
We can stitch together a number of tiles, observe whether the texture is flat, there are no gaps, there is no color difference and so on.

3, restaurant wall tile shopping skills, weight. Tiles are made of clay and other materials, burned at high temperatures, and glazed after the product.
Generally, the same size, the heavier the weight, the density of the tile is high, the water absorption rate is low, is the tile is not easy to penetrate moisture, such tile quality is better, not easy to crack.

4, restaurant wall tile shopping skills, listen to the sound. When shopping for tiles, you can gently tap the tiles with your hands to distinguish the sound carefully. If the sound quality is crisp and pleasant, this means that the tile quality is better.
If the sound of the knock is thick and vague, it is likely to be due to the poor quality of raw materials, insufficient burning temperature, lack of time and so on.

5, Restaurant wall tile shopping tips, label inspection. Large brand production of tiles, product boxes should have product and furniture manufactures details, including brand, site, specifications, quantity, trademarks, production date, implementation standards, after-sales telephone, etc. , can be verified when purchased.

After reading the contents of the small editor’s introduction, about the restaurant wall tiles how to paste and restaurant wall tile shopping tips on the content of the introduction here, I hope that after reading this article, we can understand this.

Introduction To Table Size And Material Type As Restaurant Furniture

Introduction To Table Size And Material Type As Restaurant Furniture

Table is very important restaurant furniture, with the existence of the table, we eat special convenience, people choose table materials at the same time, but also in the choice of table size, the right size can also be used with us. Let’s be comfortable at dinner. How to buy the best restaurant furniture?
So, what is the size of the table as restaurant furniture, and what kind of material sits the table is?

Introduction To Table Size And Material Type As Restaurant Furniture

First, the size of the table is generally how much

1, table size today, restaurants generally have rectangular space, round tables are not welcome, rectangular six-person table is very common, if the house is not big, in order to save land, you can choose to buy some retractable table, usually take up a small area, when you come to find friends, then very open PRA.

2. A rectangular table for six people. The size of the bench is generally 1200mm-1500mm, the table size is 800mm-900mm wide, and the table size is 750mm high. That is, 1200 x 800 or 1400 x 800 or 1500 x 900.
Table size is mainly 1400 800, does not take up too much space, more suitable for the actual use of six households.

3, whether it is 6 or 4 people table size, family table size choice on the one hand depends on the number of family members, on the other hand depends on the family restaurant space. Appropriate table sizes should be arranged in accordance with the appropriate space and the number should be increased appropriately according to the actual number of family members.Because there will be a family dinner.

Introduction To Table Size And Material Type As Restaurant Furniture

Second, what kind of material sittable

1, marble table, one of the biggest advantages is that it has a high facial value and very texture. But the marble table needs to be cleaned in time. If the oil stains are not cleaned for a long time, they will penetrate into the marble interior, causing the stone to change color.
This kind of furniture is the best restaurant furniture.

2, transparent glass table, in general, transparent glass table is composed of glass frame and solid wooden table legs. Transparent glass with a wood-colored border, natural fresh, comfortable, beautiful. However, glass surfaces are prone to wear, so care must be taken during daily use. If scratches occur, they can greatly affect aesthetics.There is currently no way to repair scratches, only replacement.

3, solid wooden table, wood itself has a very warm texture, the original wood table can reflect the taste of the master, all year round will not feel cold, so that the dining space has a fresh breath. Currently, ordinary solid wood tables will be painted or waxed once in the factory to protect the wood. However, in daily use, it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance. Do not place overheated food directly on the wooden table. It is easy to burn wood.This type of furniture in our need sit can be customized, we can custom restaurant furniture to make the layout of the restaurant more reasonable.This kind of solid wooden table is more common in Chinese restaurant, it is generally used as Chinese restaurant furniture.

Third, the main points of the choice of the table

1, under normal circumstances, the height of the human hand naturally drops about 60 cm, but when we eat, this distance is not enough, because we have to hold a bowl in one hand and a hand with chopsticks, so at least 75 cm need space. The table for an average family is 3 to 6.
In general, the length of the table should be at least 120 cm, the length should be about 150 cm.

2, choose a table without a watchtower, support solid wood table and legs. It can make the table stronger, but the disadvantage is that it affects the actual height of the table and takes up the room for movement of the table. So when buying materials, be sure to pay attention to the distance from the board to the ground, sit down and do it yourself.

If the board makes your legs unnatural, it is recommended that you not want to look at a table. Table selection is also the size needs to be based on the needs of our family to choose, so that we can use the satisfaction. Thank you for reading the small article. www.gestaciclista.com

The Best Restaurant Furniture - Wine Cabinet Knowledge Introduction!

The Best Restaurant Furniture – Wine Cabinet Knowledge Introduction!

Wine ark serves as restaurant furniture to dining-room, not only serve as wine only store use, and still can put adorn article above, use as hotel adornment, the restaurant furniture with best choose and buy can promote the simple sense of whole hotel. However, due to the different layout of the hotel, this can be custom restaurant furniture, so what kind of decoration to put in the wine cabinet? What does the putting method of wine ark have?

The Best Restaurant Furniture - Wine Cabinet Knowledge Introduction!

I.What decorations do you put in the wine cabinet

Wine cabinets are mostly tall and long, from feng shui, this is the symbol of the mountain; Short and flat table is the symbol of water, so in the restaurant there is “mountain” have “water”, with appropriate, have “house luck” symbolic significance. Place appropriate adornment on wine ark so, can have very good adornment effect not only, and still have function function. So what’s in the wine cabinet?

1.Wood carving crafts
Woodcarving handicraft has a long history in China, and there are a variety of materials, styles, and can choose according to their own five elements suitable for their own and the family of wood feng shui display. Put in the home to have simple sense not only, and still can improve the geomantic in the home. The simple sense of woodcarving is more mellow guileless, and after going through elaborate carving, wonderful workmanship, compare refined gold and jade, the feeling that woodcarving handicraft gives a person can more inside collect, low-key, and have connotation, it is the adornment choice with very good wine ark. Commonly this kind of woodcarving handicraft is put in Chinese style dining-room is more common, it can serve chinese restaurant furniture.

2.Wheat straw crafts
Wheat straw handicraft is also one of the traditional Chinese handicrafts. After being smoked, steamed, boiled, blanched and sliced, the wheat straw is elaborately prepared by traditional craftsmen. It has bright colors, various varieties and very high artistic value.

3.Ice crystal painting
Ice crystal painting is a piece of ordinary glass processed by the core technology, which is of great decorative and ornamental value. Modern advanced glass image synthesis patent technology, the use of physical imaging principle supplemented by chemical generation technology, instantly realize the perfect combination of image and glass, density plate and other materials, and ice crystal painting also has the meaning of wealth.

The Best Restaurant Furniture - Wine Cabinet Knowledge Introduction!

II.How to put wine cabinet ornaments

1.How to put the wine cabinet
Because the dimension of wine ark can compare commonly big, from geomantic put the word of Angle of view, wine ark should be put in auspicious. But if the owner of the fate of the four lives belong to the east, then the wine cabinet is suitable for the restaurant is placed in the east, south, west, north these four relatively positive direction; If house advocate life trigram belongs to west 4 lives, so wine ark suits to put in dining-room is west, southwest, northwest and northeast these 4 azimuth.

2.How to put wine cabinet ornaments

(1) in the wine cabinet will generally place all kinds of wine and wine, so from the perspective of feng shui, these are belong to the relatively heavy water and gas items, so when the wine cabinet is put, must avoid to put together with the fish tank. That is to say the vapor of wine ark itself is bigger, should avoid to place bath crock to serve as adornment above so.
(2) the decoration lens in the wine cabinet should not be too large, and it needs to be paid attention to, when placed, it should not be opposite to the sacred altar.

III. Wine cabinet ornaments put geomantic taboos

1.The backplate lens in the wine cabinet should not be too large.

A lot of wine ark can use glass to serve as the back board of wine ark, can let wine and be more bright so bright, can have very good show a sense. But if the use of lens in geomantic learn to have a lot of contraindication, for example in lens unfavorable with god ark is opposite etc., because lens can the incense of divine platform is reflected in the lens of wine ark, it is geomantic learn big taboo, so should pay attention to the use of backboard lens.

2, wine cabinet should not be placed fish tank as a decoration.

More wine in the wine cabinet, so its water vapor is more, and the fish tank more water, so the properties of the two close, put together will be superposed, resulting in more water and burst the dike flood risk. So wine ark unfavorable put fish tank to serve as adornment, if want to put really, can put plant of a long green between wine ark and fish tank, lie between two water with one wood, can eliminate drop too much moisture.

Above is to introduce the best restaurant furniture in the knowledge of wine cabinets, I hope to help you. Stay tuned for more restaurant furniture. www.gestaciclista.com

How To Buy Custom Restaurant Furniture To Decorate The Restaurant Living Room Ceiling?

How To Buy Custom Restaurant Furniture To Decorate The Restaurant Living Room Ceiling?

Buying the best restaurant furniture helps to decorate a restaurant environment with a good atmosphere, which can attract customers to spend. Dining room living room ceiling as a custom restaurant furniture, new room decoration dining room ceiling is very important, must find professional designer design ceiling, dining room living room ceiling decoration design has a variety of shapes, we choose the design of the design, we must be on the dining room decoration ceiling notes, to make a detailed understanding.So, do you know how to custom restaurant furniture?

How To Buy Custom Restaurant Furniture To Decorate The Restaurant Living Room Ceiling?

I. Dining room ceiling decoration design

1, in the ceiling separated decoration design

By the ceiling shape to separate the guest restaurant area, in other areas to maintain a consistent style, such a decoration design is more suitable for some of the less spacious guest restaurant area, will appear more spacious and independent of each other.

2, in the wall separated decoration design

If the ceiling shape is convenient and inconvenient to make a distinction, you can also do the difference in the shape of the wall, materials, color, etc. to do, so that the guest restaurant space to open each other and maintain a sense of independence.

3, ground separation decoration design

The so-called ground separation, is to do edge shape on the ground brick, this practice is usually integrated wall, smallpox together, suitable for some relatively large area of guest restaurant area.

4, open guest restaurant design

Of course, for the original area is not too large guest restaurant, can also directly maintain the open guest restaurant, the overall harmonious and unified pattern, directly let the guest restaurant mixed into one, without deliberately emphasizing independence can also.

How To Buy Custom Restaurant Furniture To Decorate The Restaurant Living Room Ceiling?

Second, the dining room living room decoration ceiling notes

1, ceiling should not have a mirror

If the use of mirror to extend the visual space of the restaurant, to ease the ceiling too low formation of depression, there will be a certain feng shui impact.Mirrors will have a reflex effect, the world does not open against the laws of nature, affecting the family situation, over time will also affect people’s mental health.

2, ceiling color should not be too heavy

Modern many families use color simple decoration home, which requires attention to color selection, the general top color is the lightest, wall second, the heaviest ground.Feng Shui inside there is talk of the earth is cloudy, clear air light and floating, turbid air heavy and down, such color matching will not make people depressed.

3, ceiling should not have a sky pool

Sky pool is between the ceiling and floor space, this is not the best to have, this sky pool often appears in the table when the beams are pressed by the way, smallpox low also means that the space is more narrow, there will be a sense of repression.

Example of ceiling decoration in the living room of the dining room For many small-scale space, the limited space, the living room and dining room can only be connected to each other, in the same space. At this time, in the living room and dining room to do an integrated ceiling design, so that two originally independent space in the same ceiling design, not only in the visual to make the space look more spacious, a certain degree to alleviate the space of small gaps.
In addition, it can also make the whole home space more concise and beautiful.

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Restaurant furniture - Cabinet Door Maintenance And Material Introduction

Restaurant furniture – Cabinet Door Maintenance And Material Introduction

Restaurant furniture selection should be careful, to choose the best restaurant furniture, in order to better decorate the restaurant. A well-laid restaurant that attracts a lot of customers.

Restaurant can not be less than the kitchen cabinet door, then how to buy a good cabinet door, you know? The choice of cabinet door material is related to whether the overall wardrobe door is strong, whether durable, cabinet door must use material hardness and density are very good to ensure the quality of the wardrobe door.So how to buy the material of the cabinet door? Cabinet door, what material to use is better? Small editor today to introduce to you how to buy the cabinet door material and the cabinet door maintenance skills and how the door hand design is better.

First,what kind of material is good in the cabinet door

1. The substrate of the blister cabinet door is used with 18mm thick high density plate, after processing cut and carved into many shapes, its advantages are strong texture three-dimensional sense, rich color, and easy to clean, scratch-resistant.
The disadvantage is that the production requirements and the technology is high, the relative price will also be high

2.The main material of fire proof cabinet door is the use of silicon and calcium materials as the main raw materials, add a certain proportion of fiber materials and chemical agents and other mixing, its advantages bright and rich, scratch-resistant, the price is also relatively cheap: the disadvantage is that there is no fashion sense, more ancient.

Restaurant furniture - Cabinet Door Maintenance And Material Introduction

Second, the maintenance skills of cabinet doors

1.Cabinet table is best to avoid long-term immersion, otherwise the table surface is prone to open glue deformation, do not use bleach water to remove stains, which will make the color of the table surface lighter, which will affect the beauty.

2.Do not put too heavy on the countertop or be sharp objects to avoid being scratched, if the oversized or overweight objects on the table, may cause the table can not bear to crack, rinse the countertop do not use cold water immediately with hot water.

3.Do not use wire ball to clean the table, the cracks in the table if there are stains, you can use soapy water or rags to clean the cleaning, and then wipe clean with a dry cloth, do not use the wire ball to clean.

4.Prohibit strong chemicals contact with the countertop, such as de-paint, metal cleaning agent, strong acid cleaning agent and so on if these items accidentally get on the table, should immediately use a large amount of soapy water to rinse the surface of the cabinet, if the cleaning is not clean can be used alcohol wipe and then washwithr with water.

5.Please professional handling, if the countertop for some reason smaller scratches or because of long-term use without the previous bright smooth, you can ask professional people to maintain the surface beautification.

Restaurant furniture - Cabinet Door Maintenance And Material Introduction

Third, how to design the door hand is better

1. Ordinary design. Generally we use the door puller are installed a special area on the facade to install the door puller, so that it is convenient to close the door, and the style of the door door hand is also more varied, you can choose.
Generally in the purchase of Chinese restaurant furniture, simple cabinet doors will be more popular.

2. Rotating design. There are some cabinet door hand design can be rotated, in use, the cabinet door puller to flip, so that the front door puller is flat, and the reverse is the household type, only need to use the door gently press the upper and lower part of the cabinet door hand, you can be the cabinet door development, will not affect the use of tatami,
At the same time, this design also has a very good insect-proof, moisture-proof effect.

3. Hidden design. In order to ensure the beauty of the cabinet door, can also be the door hand to hide, this time is generally a groove to replace, so that not only convenient cabinet door opening and closing, but also to ensure that the cabinet door open normally, to ensure the integrity of the cabinet door, open the door can also ensure that the door will not touch the phenomenon,Is now more popular a door design method.

4. Press the design. This press design of the door pullist is mainly in the door panel and the front between the door according to a touch equipment, in use by pressing, the cabinet door piece will be their own bouncing open, the biggest advantage of this door door hand design is very convenient to open the door.If it is closed, you need to point the door to the position of the self-bouncer press hard to do it, otherwise the door piece will be more difficult.

The above is the small editor today for everyone to bring all the contents of the door, the door materials are diverse, must be based on the style of the door, function and home style to choose, so that the installation of the overall effect of the door hand will look good enough coordination, will not appear very abrupt.
That’s what the little editor is talking about today,.

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Restaurant Furniture - Restaurant Decoration Cabinet Shopping Tips And Decoration Highlights

Restaurant Furniture – Restaurant Decoration Cabinet Shopping Tips And Decoration Highlights

Restaurant decoration cabinet as restaurant furniture, not only can let our meal sit, but also will make the restaurant decoration effect has a good embodiment.

The reasonable layout of restaurant furniture can provide the decorative effect of the restaurant, next, decoration home small editor, take everyone to understand, restaurant decoration cabinet selection tips what?

Restaurant Furniture - Restaurant Decoration Cabinet Shopping Tips And Decoration Highlights

First,what are the selection techniques of the restaurant decoration cabinet

1. The size of the European-style decorative cabinet of the restaurant decoration cabinet selection technique can be selected from the owner’s preferences, also depending on the size of the restaurant. The sizes common on the market are perfect for most families. For families with larger restaurants, consider choosing a large and complex European-style decorative cabinet, which can keep the restaurant from going into space and add to its luxury.
Restaurant decoration cabinet is generally used as Chinese restaurant furniture, in Chinese restaurant is very common.

2. Restaurant decoration cabinet selection skills with the improvement of living standards, people have more requirements for the role of European decorative cabinets. The European-style decorative cabinet sits with glass windows, and considering the display, the owner can put some beautiful cutlery into the European decorative cabinet to display his collection. Elegantly designed European-style decorative cabinets can not only store goods, but also echo the home decoration, become home decoration. There are also some European decorative cabinets and a small countertop designed.
The host can cook simple meals on it.

3. The factors that affect the price of European decorative cabinets are generally materials and shapes. About 2000 yuan of European decorative cabinets are generally made of solid wood. It is healthy and environmentally friendly, and the process is relatively good. It doesn’t forget the storage function when decorated. This is the most purchased European decorative cabinet price range. The higher price of European decorative cabinets using solid wood. On the basis of ensuring storage function, more consideration is given to the design of European decorative cabinets. Details are also more intentional, can better echo the decoration style, highlighting the master’s taste and cultivation.
There are also some expensive restaurant decoration cabinets, thousands, such european decorative cabinets actually prefer to collect, often from the hands of big names or masters, and there will be room for appreciation in the future.

4. Restaurant decoration cabinet selection skills for small restaurant families, we must pay attention to the European decorative cabinet storage function and space. It is generally recommended to choose a narrow, long wall-mounted European decorative cabinet, so that the hanging design can reduce the floor space, provide greater visual effects, and is thinner than the general European decorative cabinet, and does not create a sense of space pressure.
Because the cabinet is slightly longer, although the width is narrow, it does not have much impact on storage functionality.

Restaurant Furniture - Restaurant Decoration Cabinet Shopping Tips And Decoration Highlights

Second, restaurant decoration cabinet decoration points

1. The whole space should be uniform material, the room ceiling, walls, cabinets and floors are using the same solid wood material, the same color and texture, promoting a unified and harmonious visual effect, thus actually expanding the volume of space. Wood materials have excellent moisturizing and natural beauty.
To buy the best restaurant furniture, you must start with the good materials.

2. Pay attention to the details of the space. The coffee table furniture purchased echoes the overall space. From lamps to gadgets, it’s almost always clean colors. A group of paintings is elegant and long aftertaste. The attention to all the details determines the good quality of the overall environment. The soft design and the small space to choose the mirror, to enhance the depth of the space is a good choice, but never too much.Sometimes because our space layout is more special, in the process of decorating the restaurant, you can choose to choose custom restaurant furniture, which can make our restaurant layout more effective.

What are the selection techniques of the dining room decoration cabinet? And what are the main points of decoration of the dining room decoration cabinet? Small editor for you to introduce here, I hope the above article can be very good to help you .

If you would like to know more about restaurant furniture, please click.

Restaurant Furniture - How To Choose And Place Tables And Chairs In Western Restaurant

Restaurant Furniture – How To Choose And Place Tables And Chairs In Western Restaurant

People often say that life should have a sense of ritual, can see a ceremony is also very important, in the ceremony, people will also choose to go to the Western restaurant, this belongs to the high-end place. Choose the best restaurant furniture to spend, because people go to the time is also very environmentally conscious, for the customer’s comfortable high-end feelings, but also the choice of restaurant furniture.

Many restaurants to meet the customer’s sense of experience, will choose custom restaurant furniture, then, the West restaurant table and chairs how to choose? Next, the following decoration home of the small editor to introduce to everyone.

Restaurant Furniture - How To Choose And Place Tables And Chairs In Western Restaurant

I. How to choose the tables and chairs in the western restaurant

1. Light luxury of the Western restaurant table and chair aesthetics: light luxury western restaurant table and chair is different from the general high-end Western restaurant table and chairs. It doesn’t need luxury, but it comes in real color and has a sense of prosperity and intension. The light-dining table and chairs don’t require a gorgeous coat, but that’s not to say it’s simple.
On the contrary, in the introduction of luxury simplicity, in addition to exquisite design, the essence is also pure! It is like a beautiful person, not powdered, even if it is simple, easy to cover up.

2.In today’s society, this kind of beauty is more popular with people. Compared with the light-luxury Western restaurant tables and chairs, those European furniture is like beautiful make-up, but lost its essence.
Light luxury-class Western restaurant tables and chairs practical: what is light and luxury is not only the appearance, but also the connotation! Light luxury Western restaurant tables and chairs not only look beautiful, but also more practical and comfortable than ordinary Western restaurant tables and chairs.

3. Table: The materials used to make the table in the light luxury Western restaurant require a delicate texture, and the wear resistance of the table, heat resistance and corrosion resistance are higher than the ordinary table. Dining chair: In addition to the shape, the western dining chair of the light luxury package is more comfortable.The average light-colored Western dining chair is ergonomically designed.

Restaurant Furniture - How To Choose And Place Tables And Chairs In Western Restaurant

II.How to place the tables and chairs in the Western restaurant

1. Tables and chairs in the western restaurant need to be designed to place. The design should take into account the location of the Western restaurant, also consider the size of the space of the western restaurant furniture and the level of the consumer. We can provide a physical rendering of the business, first look at the effects, and then decide whether to customize them. It is important to have tables and chairs in the Western dining room, and large furniture should not be kept in a small space.
Pay attention to the decoration of the Western restaurant, avoid the glare of the floor and the luster of the furniture, avoid the use of 3D geometric patterns and different shades of material.

2. Floor using three-dimensional geometric patterns and different shades of materials, easy to produce high and low visual effects, easy to produce instant sense of visual interference, so that the value of bragging is not uncomfortable, the western restaurant decoration is intended to destroy the original intention of quiet and elegant, and even cause serious damage to the structure of the house.
Excessive “flower ghost” led to the tendency of the ballroom, making the quiet and quiet space become bloated and complex, lost the beauty of the static pastime of ningxin.

3. In the space, the large Western restaurant table and chairs decoration, color deeply painted color. First, the overall shape of the space is destroyed. A serious imbalance in space is an obstacle to visual refreshing. Both are large blocks of color, and they must be harmonious. If the contrast between color, depth, and depth is too large, it can affect the large effect.This can give people a feeling of depression, filling and suffocation.

Western restaurant is a very high – end place, we need to understand the choice of restaurant furniture so that we can meet our needs.

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Restaurant Furniture - Selection And Cleaning Introduction Of Ceramic Tea Sets

Restaurant Furniture – Selection And Cleaning Introduction Of Ceramic Tea Sets

Restaurant furniture demand is increasing, in our daily life, it is very common to go to the restaurant consumption, usually people choose some of the best restaurant furniture to spend, so that we can feel comfortable.

Cool summer, tea is a how to enjoy things, people will choose to tea house tea, the general people use ceramic tea sets, but in the choice, do not know what are the methods, and in the cleaning of tea sets are what methods, these are not very understanding, then ceramic tea sets how to choose correctly? How to clean ceramic tea sets?Next, the small editor takes you to see.

Restaurant Furniture - Selection And Cleaning Introduction Of Ceramic Tea Sets

I. How to choose the right ceramic tea set

1. Ceramic tea sets belong to tea house furniture, when choosing ceramic tea sets, teapot selection, as well as teapot selection, the standard of good or bad have four words, ‘small, shallow, Qi, old. ‘The teapot has two people, three cans, four cans, four cans, etc. , the most monchen, iron flower xuan, autumn, Yi, Xiaoshan, Yuan Xisheng and so on cherish. There are many kinds of flower pots, such as oranges, large oranges, melons, persimmons, diamonds, drums, plums. Usually there are drums with thick and thick ends. The color of the pot is also a variety of, Zhu sand, ancient iron chestnut color, purple mud, stone yellow, sky blue. But regardless of style, color, the most important thing is that “the pot should be small should not be big, should not be shallow.””Because it’s big, it doesn’t work.

2. When choosing ceramic tea sets, the choice of teacups and teacup selection also has four characteristics: small, light, thin, white. Small is a glimpse; shallow water does not leave the bottom; white jade is used to match the color of tea; and thin as paper makes it scent strong. Tears often use white flowers and blue flowers at the end of the mouth, while the cup of the book “If it is a deep treasure” in “If you sink a cup” is precious, but it is not easy to get.

3.When choosing ceramic tea sets, choose to wash tea, as well as the shape of large bowls, many shades, cooking kung fu tea must have three, one plus two, is a wash cup, De – used to soak the water of the can, used to hold the cup of water and soaked tea.

Restaurant Furniture - Selection And Cleaning Introduction Of Ceramic Tea Sets

II. How to clean ceramic tea sets

1. The best way to clean is: after each cup of tea, remember to pour the tea and rinse the tea with water. Be able to maintain this good habit for a long time, do not use cleaning tools, tea sets to maintain a bright luster. But many of my friends go to rest or do other things after drinking tea. The clean-up of the tea set was forgotten. Wait until the next afternoon tea time to clean the tea set.
After a long soak, many tea sets are brown and cannot be washed with water.

2. You can squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on the tea set, and then apply the toothpaste evenly to the surface of the tea set by hand or cotton swab.
After about one minute, wash the tea set with water so that the tea stains on the tea set can be easily washed.

3. Tea contains a lot of citric acid, tea base, caffeine and a small amount of volatile oil, multivitamins, chlorophyll and other ingredients. The right amount of tea can stimulate thirst, dehumidification and heat, refresh and brain, which is good for people’s health. But there are taboos. Drinking only tea is a good habit for health care. The so-called appropriate means that tea is moderately light and is usually suitable for making a cup of tea with 3 grams of tea. If tea is too strong, it will affect the absorption of iron and other inorganic salts in food, causing anemia. Second, it controls the amount of tea used. It’s best to drink less than 4 glasses a day. Excessive tea consumption increases the burden on the kidneys.Within 1 hour of eating, it affects the body’s absorption of protein.

Ceramic tea set this kind of restaurant furniture, do not know how to choose the right choice, and in cleaning when there are some methods, the above article is about how to choose ceramic tea sets and how to clean ceramic tea sets.

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